How about Geekvape Wenax K1 Pod System Kit 600mAh ?

Today,I want to introduce you a beatiful and portable Pod System Kit– Geek vape wenax k1 uk .Geekvape’s WENAX K1 is a typical rod device.Taking into account the mouth-to-lung e-cigarette, it has a small shape factor, minimal battery specifications, as well as e-cigarette liquid capacity and lower working wattage.It’s designed for those who want to go out for an hour or two and don’t want to lug any fancy equipment out, or if you just want something smaller and more portable.

WENAX K1 pod uk price=

The Geekvape WENAX K1 vape pod systems is a lightweight product with an anodized aluminium body. It is about the same size as most pod rods, and I should say a bit narrower. The official size is 114.6 x 21.6 x 11.5mm.Its shape makes it very comfortable to hold in your hand, and its lovely finish (it’s a metallic paint) also feels great.These are all smooth rounded corners, no sharp edges.

The WENAX K1 pod uk is your classic PCTG plastic.These 2ML pods are a closed system and a one-piece pod.

This Pod will give you a good slightly open MTL experience, great for those who want to use the Wenax on it’s highest power setting and need a little more air to do so. It’s not quite perfect for me though, a little too airy.
This Pod is more of a tighter MTL draw. My favourite of the two and works wonderfully even on the lowest power setting of the device.This is a pre-order,First come first served basis,please go to best online vape store .

Battery Capacity:600mAh
Power Output:9-16W
Coil Resistance:0.4-3ohm
Charging Specification:USB-C Charging Port 5V
Low Voltage Warning:3.2±0.1V
PCBA Temperature Alarm:80°C
Longest Vaping Time:10s
Working Temperature:-10~45°C
Stand-by Current:≤15uA
Resistance:0.8ohm(12-16W), 1.2ohm (10-12W)
Colors:Blue, Orange, Sky Blue, Black, Red, Gold, Gunmetal, Pacific Blue, Army Green

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