How About Wotofo Recurve V2 RDA 24.6mm?

Today,I’ll introduce you the new generation Wotofo Recurve V2 RDA.It looks smooth and solid.Wotofo Recurve V2 RDA measures in at 24.6mm diameter and is made of stainless steel.

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The Wotofo Recurve V2 RDA comes with pre-installed 810 Delrin drip tip, one spare curved drip tip included.The 810 Delrin drip tip has excellent heat resistance to ensure great mouth feel.It ia also support Both Dual Build Of 3mm ID Coils And Single Build Of 5mm/3mm ID Coils.The vape tank will send more and more air around the vape heating wire, which can then completely heat the juice, producing a pure flavor thanks to the Honeycomb Air Intake.

Wotofo Recurve V2 RDA is also equiped with the Wotofo Recurve V2 Airflow Adapter which Allows airflow adjustment and you can freely switch airflow modes without unwinding the coil.

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