Taste Our Monster: R and M Monster Disposable

Vapes shop has launched a variety of attractive disposable electronic cigarettes for everyone, whether it is a style with a large number of 1000 puffs, or a variety of flavor combinations you can imagine, you can get it here. At the same time, you do not need to worry that the purchased products do not match the description, because of the advanced technology and perfect after-sales guarantee, you can protect your rights and interests, and the final purpose must be to provide you with the most satisfactory service.

R and M Monster is the best disposable vape inspired by milk tea and soft drinks. It is shaped like a beverage can, and the suction mouth is like a straw. This is a completely reduced version of the beverage bottle, which is very cute. Of course, since this is a monster collection, the designer printed various monsters on the bottle. Their expressions are very lively and their shapes are very strange, which can make you feel full of fun and design.

R and M Monster gives you 7000 puffs exclusively, which means you can use it long enough to at least make you happy. The 15ml e-liquid capacity has far exceeded the maximum capacity that most disposable electronic cigarettes on the market can achieve. It’s worth mentioning that the R and M Monster Disposable Vape has many flavors that contain mint, which must be tempting for menthol lovers.

buy R and M Monster

Lanyard matched
Latest release 7000 puffs
Unique energy element design
Mesh coil inside
Cola Can shape
Rechargable battery with Type-C charging port

Flavors: Blueberry raspberry ice, Blue razz ice, Lush ice, Vanilla strawberry ice cream, Strawberry watermelon, Energy drink, Kiwi dragon berry ice, Snow cone ice, Skittlez ice, Black dragon ice, Grape ice, Peach mango ice, Clear

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