The Best Falcon Mini Vaporizer Pen Kit Review-With Neon Glow

For some time now, Yocan has been rolling out high-quality, low-cost carburetors that often go under the radar.The Falcon Mini pen kit green and red is the product of an excellent period of research and exploration.

Falcon Mini vaporizer cheap

How it Works?

The Yocan Vape for best sale Falcon Mini is a column-shaped design with a smooth, bright exterior and a comfortable grip.With a 650 mAh internal battery and only one button that can be pressed three times to adjust the voltage, you can operate it according to your personal habits and experience the most suitable flavor.Surprisingly this one button has another function, double click twice quickly to enter session mode.

Features Neon glow function

The Falcon Mini gives you a different visual experience when you are smoking, with a dazzling neon flashing light that is very beautiful, especially in dark places.

The XTAL TIP, which matches the Falcon Mini, has five airflow holes so that you get a cleaner and smoother cloud.

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