Uwell Tripod Pod System Kit Review : With 1000mAh Charging Case

The new tripod is an updated version of Marsupod.Now Uwell Uk has upgraded a device, a portable charging case and 3 empty pods!The device has a battery capacity of 370mAh and a pod capacity of 2ml, while the charging case has a battery capacity of 1000mAh.Let’s start with a review of the Uwell Tripod.

Uwell Tripod kit price

The packaging of Uwell Tripod Pod System Kit uk is quite good for such an inexpensive device.Everything is fine in the box.The charging case can hold a full kit and 2 spare pods, so it’s very convenient to carry a full set of equipment when traveling.You may find it difficult to pull the pod out of the crate when everything is in the crate and there is no clattering.

The POD device is tiny and has three contacts on the bottom of the device that match the three connection points inside the charging case.There are no buttons, displays or anything else on the device, except for an indicator light on one side that shows the battery level as you draw.When the power of the device exceeds 60%, the indicator light displays green;When between 20% and 60%, the indicator light is blue;The indicator light is red below 20%.Surprisingly, three pods means you can carry three different flavors of e-liquids instead of three bottles! If you are interested in this Pod System Kit ,visit vapesourcing.uk .

Charging Case
Material:Aluminum, PC+ABS
Size:φ 34.5mm x H 94mm
Net Weight:67.4g
Battery Capacity:1000mAh
Protections(Charging Case):Short-circuit Protection/Over-time Protection/Low Power Indication
Pod System
Material:PCTG, Aluminum, PC+ABS
Size:21.5mm x 10.4mm x 78mm
Net Weight:20g
Maximum Wattage:11W
Battery Capacity:370mAh
E-liquid Capacity:2ml
Filling:Side Filling
Coil Resistance:1.2ohm
Protections(Pod System):Short-circuit Protection/Over-time Protection/Low Power Indication
Colors:Black, Metallic Green, Black & Gold

Quick Link: https://vapesourcing.uk/uwell-tripod-pod-system-kit.html

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