Is the Vapefly Tim Pod System Worth Buying?

The Vapefly Tim Pod System Kit emerges as a collaborative effort between Dampfalot TV and Vapefly. This cutting-edge device promises an unparalleled vaping experience, combining power, versatility, and convenience in one sleek package.

gunmetal Vapefly Tim kit

Powerful Performance:

At the heart of the Vapefly Tim is a robust 1100mAh rechargeable battery, setting the stage for extended vaping sessions without compromise. The device boasts a substantial 4ml vape juice capacity, ensuring you’re well-equipped for prolonged enjoyment. With a maximum power output of 30W, the Vapefly Tim doesn’t just meet expectations; it exceeds them.

Versatility Unleashed:

The Vapefly Tim Pod System near me is not merely a device; it’s a vaping companion offering a spectrum of choices. The kit includes two coils, providing users with the flexibility to transition seamlessly between Mouth to Lung (MTL) and Restricted Direct Lung (RDL) vaping styles. For enthusiasts seeking a tailored experience, additional coils are available for purchase separately.

Innovative Features:

The Vapefly Tim stands out with its user-friendly features. The side-filling system simplifies the refilling process, making it a hassle-free experience. The device offers the freedom to choose between auto-draw and manual vaping modes, allowing users to personalize their interactions with the device based on preference and style.

Efficiency Redefined:

What sets the Vapefly Tim apart is its commitment to efficiency. The incorporation of a step-up circuit board ensures a stable power output, providing a consistent and satisfying vaping experience. Moreover, fast charging capabilities redefine expectations, with the device fully recharging in a remarkable 40 minutes, minimizing downtime and maximizing enjoyment.


In the realm of pod systems, the Vapefly Tim at online vape shop stands tall as a testament to innovation and excellence. Its powerful battery, generous vape juice capacity, and versatile coil options make it a standout choice for both beginners and seasoned vapers alike. Elevate your vaping journey with the Vapefly Tim Pod System, where cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design converge for an unparalleled experience.

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