Where Can You Buy Lost Vape Mana Stick R?

Lost Vape, a brand that focuses on e-cigarette products, has also launched a rare disposable pod this time. As vapers who don’t know much about this product may feel distrustful or unimpressed. But I also hope that you will be interested in the lost vape mana stick r by taking a serious look at it.

lost vape mana sitck r disposable uk

The appearance of the mana stick r makes it easy to see that this is a very minimalist and compact unit. But the colours are so beautiful that when you pick them up you feel instantly lighter.

Of course, looks alone will not convince the experienced disposable vaper. Charged by a 550mAh internal battery and has 3ml of pre-filled vape juice. The biggest difference between this product and other regular primary cigarettes is the nicotine content.

This time the mana stick r disposable vape adopts a nicotine strength of 50mg. This is more satisfying for the vaper than the 20mg.

And the combination of the various special flavours makes the disposable perfect. 650 puffs combined with the built-in mesh wire coils, every puff will be unbelievably enjoyable, silky and soft.

Pina Colada is a sweet and savoury tropical pineapple with a carbonated cola flavour. The first inhalation is very toppy, followed by a refreshing pineapple flavour that hits the mouth in a double whammy that leaves you wanting more.

Aleo Jelly has the freshness of aloe vera and the sweetness of jelly, and the pungent aroma of aloe vera will linger in your mouth.

This contains 12 different flavours with a mix of ice, fruit, mint and drink flavours. I’m sure there is always a flavour and style to suit you.

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